The Wave: When Ideology Takes Over

I previously wrote in “Freedom vs Ideology” that the end times will bring a clash of ideologies leading to the brink of global destruction. Perhaps you have also read the article “Politics: The New Religion?” where truth suffers under radical ideology, and that includes today’s political atmosphere. Just how dangerous is wrong ideology, anyhow?

In “Freedom vs Ideology”, I wrote about how Germany got wrapped up in the ideals of one man to the point they blindly followed the Nazi ideology. There is a more modern version of this phenomenon, though.

The 22 Sept 2008 Telegraph reported “The Wave: the experiment that turned a school into a police state” by Sheila Johnston. This was during the 60s. This was in California. This was during the time that anti-war protests were common. Yet:

It is the ultimate classroom mind-game. A charismatic teacher suddenly introduces strict discipline into his lessons and, far from rebelling, the students embrace it with gusto. Within a week, they have devised a uniform, insignia, salute and banners, and eagerly spy on and intimidate schoolmates. The movement swells to more than 200 members who, on the last day, flock to a rally.

This should give us pause. We are all susceptible to being manipulated and being caught up in the emotional intensity of the times if we don’t watch it.

Ideas do have consequences.

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