Reflections: Noah’s Ark Replica

Answers In Genesis has an article on “Johan Huibers and His Ark” that is rather fascinating. Mr Huibers built a replica of Noah’s Ark in the Netherlands. It is quite huge, but the surprising thing is that it is only half the size of the one depicted in the Bible! The Answers site says “one-fifth”, but following the link to the Dutch site finds a page that states “one-half”. There are pictures of elephants (not real ones) greeting visitors as they come aboard, a theater with wooden pews and even a coffee shop. It actually floats, and it is sailed to various locations for people to visit.

This exhibit has been such a hit that not only has it paid for itself, but now Mr Huibers is planning on building a full-sized replica of the Ark!

Further reading on the topic of Noah’s Ark and whether or not it is possible to put that many animals upon it can be found at in the article “How BIG was Noah’s Ark? How many animals did Noah’s Ark hold?

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