A Psalm of Despair and Hope

Why are you cast down so far, my heart?
Why the pain deep in my soul?
What have I done that you hide from me?
Please heal me and make me whole!

In sorrow, I have cried in the dark.
I feel so very alone.
Grant me forgiveness, for I am frail.
Forgive my sin to atone.

May your eternal words inspire me.
May I ever sing your Psalms.
Mold me into Your immortal son.
May I ever give You alms.

O taste and see that the LORD is good!
Blessed is the man who trusts him.
O fear the LORD, all of you his saints.
So blessed are those who fear him!

“Why should you obey the LORD?” they asked.
May the scorners be ashamed!
Let Your Face shine upon me for good!
For me have their arrows aimed.

“What has the LORD done for you?” they asked.
“Your God is not pleased with you.”
Have I not done my best to obey?
Why not just take my life too?

Raise up Your servant for all to see.
Show Your power and Your might.
Let Your Name be placed above all.
Change my darkness into light.

Let them know that You are just, O LORD
Put the mockers in their place.
How I long for Your presence, O LORD,
To feel the light from Your Face!

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