Germany Nationalizes Banks

Yesteray, Yahoo! UK Finance ran an article “TOPWRAP 4-Bank woes forces Germany into nationalisation law“, and DW ran an article “German Government Considers Bank Takeover“. This is a reversal of a policy about seizing private property that has been in effect since the end of WWII “becoming the latest government to edge away from free market policies, instead using state support to prop up flagging banks and industries.” It is a touchy subject, and the report talks about how Germany “agonises” over this “last resort” decision. “Enteignung” (expropriation) is an overloaded term reminiscent of Nazi seizures of Jewish property. IMO, this shows a certain level of desperateness on the part of the German government.

How long before the US and the UK are going to have to nationalize their banks? The article goes into how China was supposed to be the great power that would pull everyone out of a recession, but there are sufficient lack of efficient resources, stock in the faltering economies of the West and internal struggles to keep it from rising too high. Watch as Bible prophecy unfolds, and Europe comes out on top eventually. It could be that after these events, mainland Europeans will be so gun shy about investing in either the US or the UK that the US and UK never rise above them again. This will undoubtedly force nationalization of banks in the US, as the government will no longer be able to hold off its many creditors.

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