A Presidential Lie

Mount Rushmore

Well, today is “Presidents’ Day” in the U.S., or so the calendar says. It’s a funny thing, though, because in reality, “Presidents’ Day” is not the official name of the holiday. Instead, the Uniform Holidays Bill that created the holiday was actually intended to move Washington’s Birthday to a Monday, and it was still known as Washington’s Birthday. The concept of changing the name had been floated about since the 1950s, but it was never settled, and so the name remained. So, what happened? Well a newspaper spoof reported that President Richard Nixon signed the Executive Order that changed the name in order “to honor all presidents, including myself.” However, the actual records for Executive Order 11582 show he did not change the name. You can read more about it on Snopes. Wikipedia also backs this up.

To be honest, I would have never known this if I hadn’t stumbled across it while looking up some background material on the day. People have told me for years that the name of the holiday is “Presidents’ Day”, and even the calendar says “Presidents’ Day”. How could I have not known? How could I have been so deceived?

God’s truth is a lot like that. You suddenly discover that everything you’ve been taught about Christianity is wrong. People all around you have been telling you things that aren’t true. People have written volumes of books based upon lies. You then start saying, “How could I have not seen this before?”

It’s probably hard for those who grew up in God’s Church to understand this. When you grow up in the Church, you can see that other people have veils over their eyes. You begin to realize how unique you are because someone has gone before you to clear the way to the truth. You can ignore it, but you will always know. You may even come to take it for granted. Contrast this with someone who suddenly learns the truth one day. It is precious to them. It has been compared to looking for something one’s whole life and then suddenly finding it.

A couple of Sabbaths ago, I was speaking to someone new, and he was excited! He was glad to be around like minded people! His friends and relatives just couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. His own mother said he had “lost it” and even suggested he get professional help. Time and time again, you hear stories similar to this about how God has opened someone’s mind to the truth.

It is sad, though, that so many cannot or will not see it. Some of them have been blinded, but some have blinded themselves. They actually choose to not believe. They would rather go with the flow, do what everyone else is doing. Can you imagine when it is finally opened to them? They will say, “How could I have not seen this before?”

Being a president is a lot of responsibility. Sometimes, you have to go against the grain. Being a king and priest, though, takes a lot more. We are in training for the greatest job ever. As great as being President of the United States is, our destiny far exceeds that position.


  1. Hello John. A very nice article. However, there are two things i'd like to mention. First, the title "Presidential Lie" can lead one to easily assume you are speaking about our current President, and anyone who thought this might be put off by what would appear to be a negative message.

    Your actual message was very good. Although I wouldn't assume that those in the Church of God have a perfect understanding either. We too believe what we have been taught, which sometimes turns out not to be ture. Anyway, thanks for sending this to me. Regards, Herb Vierra

  2. @Herb: I was hoping to go for the "eye catching" title. You are right, though, that the risk is they might not even read the article, but if they did, they would see it wasn't such a commentary. I wouldn't want his job, that's for sure.

    I really believe that we "see through a glass darkly". Some things should be clear, but some will be distorted. And, let's face it, if it were completely clear, there wouldn't be around 400 COGs. Yet, there are many things that can be agreed upon.