The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth takes place near the end of the era of the judges, and it was once on the same scroll.  Unlike the Book of Judges, however, it has several positive messages.  Even though the main characters start out in a seemingly hopeless situation with no way out, God provides for them during this most difficult time.

Much biblical commentary on the story of Ruth centers upon the character of Boaz as kinsman-redeemer, and that is not without some merit.  However, if Boaz as kinsman-redeemer is a type for Christ, which most commentaries would agree upon, then that means that Ruth is a type for the Church.  Not only that, but she is a gentile, and therefore represents the calling out of the chosen ones from all nations.

In addition, while Boaz is a type for Christ, he is not actually the main character.  The book is called the Book of Ruth for a reason.  She is the main character.  That means she is a model of the character and righteousness that the Church should possess!  While the book contains many subplots, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is primarily a book about redemption, grace and finding favor in the eyes of The Kinsman-Redeemer!

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