Holy Days or Holidays

Has the COG movement arrogantly taken over Jewish beliefs? Do you appropriate Jewish traditions by keeping the holy days? … what species of arrogance does it take for an ostensibly Christian group to appropriate Jewish traditions, modify them, impose new meanings to fit in with their literalist eschatology, and then […]

Do You Appropriate Jewish Traditions?

1374 illustration of a sukkah
Doing the right things for the wrong reasons won’t bring the results you expect. The important thing is rejoicing before God as we observe these Holy Days.   ~ an unnamed elder in an unnamed organization The above quote was in a blog post I read, and it saddens me […]

Why Are You “Going to the Feast”?

And here’s the rub. Most of the people who exhibit cognitive dissonance are either not uncomfortable about it at all, or they ignore whatever momentary discomforts might pop up and just breeze on by them.   ~ Concretized Christianity, “An Example of Cognitive Dissonance in the Church“ I’ve written about […]

Why Pentecost Does Not Symbolize Return of Christ

Some #BiblicalCalendar advocates say that if we follow the Jewish calendar, we should keep the same #DayOfPentecost, but that is illogical. We are not Jewish.  Such a statement should not surprise you. There are a number of things Jews believe which we do not, and even Jesus had to counter […]

Jewish Pentecost Tradition Not a Calendar Issue

HWA once wrote “Local Assemblies Are NOT Social Clubs”, but do we heed? You have heard me say often that most of the worldly churches have degenerated into SOCIAL CLUBS. Most of us probably would never believe that could happen to any of US! We just don’t think of ourselves […]

Do We Take the Holy Days Seriously?